This is a little shocking. . .

It is a survey that did not piss me off.

I know, I know, I'm known for many things and filling out surveys has never been one of them. But the format of the beginning of this one actually serves a purpose and says something interesting, so I'm going to use the beginning of it (I cut out the rest of it because after "Tomorrow" it went into all the normal crap survey questions ("do you like. . .toothpaste?" WTF?). Note that I filled out the survey on the 14th of July.

Ten years ago
I was annoying. You could take my word for it, but you could also ask any of my friends from that era. I was loud, clueless, and dorky.

Five years ago
I was lovesick. I had just graduated high school. During the previous few years, I had held intern position for dot coms and science museums, studied college level mathematics, and travel around the United States and even a little in Europe. I had also fallen hard for a girl. I called her my beloved and I would pine for her from a distance for two more years before things would finally fall apart for me.

One year ago
I was escaping. I had freshly graduated from the Mercer University School of Engineering with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelors to match. I was watching the only real dating relationship that had ever gotten anywhere slip through my fingers like a pile of sand. I had chosen not to pursue a career in my field immediately, and didn't want to return to school, so I found myself adrift. Back at home, trying to find a way to bleed off my broken heart and nervous energy so I could get back to doing what I love.

I was sitting on the side of the road in Florida, watching the sky and hoping for the best, so that I could proudly say that I'd watched the Space Shuttle take off with my own two eyes. But no such luck--the launch was scrubbed on account of a failed fuel sensor.

I have been convinced of the magic and necessity of effective birth control. I performed a handful of my normal tasks with my usual aplomb--packing what others thought was two vehicles worth of baby paraphanelia into a single vehicle, washing dishes and being a pool of calm in the midst of the pre-trip stress.

I will be traveling half-way across the country by car with a family of six that is driving to an annual family reunion of sorts. I will be, as usual, the outsider. I will also be doing a great deal of the driving. It will be my birthday.

One Year From Now
I hope to be working in Southeast Asia, doing relief work. Possibly with the Peace Corps.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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