About a Boy.

I just saw About a Boy.

I decided I wanted to see it after I saw In Good Company and checked out the IMDB site for that film. I discovered there that the director for that movie was Paul Weitz, and that he was also credited for About a Boy.

I was shocked because I realized at the same time that he was American Pie's Paul Weitz. Yeah, that Paul Weitz. Paul hump-a-pie-on-the-kitchen-table Weitz. Once I learned that, if I hadn't already seen (and loved) In Good Company, I probably would have never seen it.

But since In Good Company had impressed me so much, I decided to give About a Boy a shot. I despise Hugh Grant, but I read a few comments where people who claimed to hate him normally admitted that he did well in this film, so I risked it.

Hugh Grant was passable. Great acting, a character that he's basically typecast for, and strong writing let him play the role without pissing me off. His 12 year old co-star was outstandingly abnormal. The movie was touching, funny, and real.

And it let me glimpse my potential future. Of course I won't have the ultra-popular but vapid song to make royalties from and therefor be an independently wealthy bachelor. But however I make my money I can see my life playing out very much like this one. Lonely but not alone.

And I guess I'm ok with that. Whether or not my redemption comes along, the inevitability of my future is something that doesn't frighten me anymore.

Should it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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