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The Service - Blogger.

It has a better post editor than any other online system I've played with. It's intuitive and simple. The only downside is that its scritping system is somewhat limited and doesn't give you a lot of alternatives to the standard handful of blog archival methods. For example, I can't keep my Diaryland-style "forward" and "back" buttons that make the blog read more like a web comic and less like the daily news.

Time Waster - Penny-Arcade.

I've been reading PA forever. Updated thrice weekly with gaming hilarity and eloquent criticism of everything from the latest gaming news to sins committed with carrot cake, it's a great comic. If you're a gamer, the references are very worth the time. If not though, you should probably give it a pass.

Favorite comic strips: That's a tough one since they have a six year archive, but Along Came a Spider usually makes me chuckle. And since I used to have friends like these, that one gets high marks also.

Article: How Lock Picking Works

from Because, honestly, everybody should know how possible it is to lose everything.

Monday, July 11, 2005


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