Family Birthday Bash.

In my immediate family, 75% of the birthdays fall within 17 days of each other. My Father's, (today), mine (the 15th), and my sister's (the 26th). This year we are not going to be together on all of the birthdays. My sister lives in a different state and I will be driving 18 hours to Ohio on the day of my birthday. So she drove down this weekend and we're co-opting my father's birthday for all three of us.

It will make for an interesting day. Many gifts to exchange, stories to tell (I haven't seen my sister in months) and we're all attending a play this afternoon.

Right now I'm about to go help my mother set up hors dourves and make drinks for everyone. My sister and her husband should be here in a moment, and then the chaos will really set in.

I think I like it better this way than I would if I had a whole day to myself. It feels better. Maybe this is just because it is what I'm used to. Maybe it is something in my natural character. I don't know.

Christmas in the summer, almost.


Saturday, July 09, 2005


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