A 450 mile ride on my Yamaha Maxim XS400 just took me 12 hours. That is an average speed of 37.5 miles per hour.

The list of insults-and-injuries includes: 6 rainstorms--All of them independent with enough space between to heat back up and necessitate dismounting to remove all the rain gear. Losing my license plate (motherf*$%@ing interstate-gnomes). Hitting a MAJOR pothole that appeared to have been installed intentionally by the Alabama highway service. Losing my change purse just before I reached the first toll-booth (out of a half-dozen). Dropping my bag (well, technically dragging it behind the bike) and damaging the extra helmet. Getting bitten by insects (specifically, flying ants that decided they liked it inside my rain suit). Getting papercut before I left in the morning. Forgetting several items. And even Hydroplaning (no crash thankfully) in Columbus and hitting water so deep I was sprayed with my own wake.

It was a very. long. day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


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