Reflections on Music

I have many stories to tell you soon enough. I have been traveling again, and my wanderings have been as varied and as interesting as always.

For now, an image to tide you over. The picture is of the surface of a piano frame in an old tabernacle near the great lakes. The exposed rafters are what you see reflected in the surface.

I have been thinking about music lately, and what it means to me and to others. I find that music modifies my mood sometimes, and that I can use music to this end when I desire a change. If I am in a depressed state of mind, upbeat or encouraging music might improve my outlook. If I am too cheerful, a darker or quieter piece might calm my nerves and restore my more relaxed mentality.

I find that if I am not careful I will choose music that enhances my mood rather than nullifying it, and instead of using it as an anchor I use it as an engine, fueling my angst or pain, or slaphappy mindset until I have driven myself outside of the range of neutral feelings and emotions with which I am most comfortable.

It is a different way of thinking of something we normally consider entertainment: music as anasthetic.

Friday, July 29, 2005


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