Jumping Off Points

Link for your lives!

Your new slave - Sitemeter. A completely free, unobstrusive, advertisement-free counter and statistics tracker. It even does graphs of daily, weekly, and monthly statistics, as well as giving you pie charts of browser share, PNG graphics support, and even language settings. The downside is a weird layout, wonky statistics, and occasional arguments between their scripted images and my firewall. I'm looking into an alternative that I'll post about next Monday.

Your new master - Schlock Mercenary. One of the longest running, daily updated comics on the web. The archives stretch back to June 12th of 2000, and to my knowledge, he's never missed a day. That's a damn good record for this hobby/business. In addition, he's got razor charp wit, charming slogans ("Enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy, nothing more") and a barrelful of sci-fi knowledge on his side. I recommend starting from the beginning, because the stories tend to be long and involved (but very worth it, unlike some other comics I could name. . .*cough*Sluggy*cough*).

Noteworthy - This is a bit depressing. It seems that there are people lobbying to put warning labels on soda. Don't you bastards have anything better to do?

Monday, July 25, 2005


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