So I ran across this organization today called Grafedia. (Tag:

It's an online system for a sort of openly accessible virtual grafitti. Right now you upload images and .wav files to their website (video and mp3 support is coming, supposedly) and link them to a word.

This word becomes a ghosted e-mail address on which, when contacted, automatically replies with the file that was linked to the word.

The concept is simple: link your file, go out somewhere, use a blue sharpie or crayon or spraypaint to write your word with an underline and include the gradedia text if you want. Then anyone who sees the word can be get curious and send a message to that address and find out what's linked to it.

The idea has limited application for the home user, of course. Not many of us will write down a word on a piece of paper, trudge all the way home with it, remember it, and send a message just to discover what images some other random person is linking.

But when you're standing on a streetcorner waiting for the bus and you see that blue text and underline and you've got your hiptop or blackberry with you, the logic of such a system becomes a lot more real. A way of crosslinking graffiti and concepts that any connected user can access at any time from most modern mobile platforms.

The downside of course, is that right now it appears that the grafedia server is down. Ohwell.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


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