Do you know about the Global Frequency?

Global Frequency is the name of a TV show concept that some of the hottest network television brains attempted to launch via a one-hour pilot last year. The pilot was rejected by The WB. Here is an article about the pilot's history.

The story itself is interesting, and the Wired article talks about the irony that a pilot TV show about an illegal, underground data sharing co-operative has popped up on an illegal, underground, data sharing co-operative. If you're looking for the torrent, try Torrentspy (and search for "Global Frequency"). If you want a better BitTorrent client, I use BitLord, and it works wonders.

I'm not here to talk about piracy though. I will save that particular rant for another day, and probably bring in discussion about the leaked Star Wars III workprint as well.

Today I'm going to talk about the show itself, because I've seen the pilot, and the idea is intriguing.

If you'd like more information on the show, you can check out the Global Frequency Website for the graphic novels based on the same concepts.

The premise is simple: There are 1,001 volunteer intellegence agents working worldwide for an underground, civilian counterpart to the FBI's X-files division. Specialists in everything for Bio-engineering to Computer Science to Russian Bomb Systems have all been recuited over years of work by the organization's founder, Ex - professional - intelligence - czar Miranda Zero. The organization quietly works across government borders, cultural barriers, and incredible distances to resolve the fallout of dangerous paranormal and scientific phenomena. In a time of crisis the organization might call up an ex-cop. Or an Ice Cream Truck Driver. Or a collegiate gymnast.

And when a person is asked to come on board to help solve a crime or stop a psuedo-natural disaster or prevent an international incident, the line is always the same.

"You are Needed."

"You are on the global frequency. There is an organization of people dedicated to saving the world, and it needs your help."

"You are a specialist. You are the best in your field that we could find. You can aide us in a way no-one else can. You are needed. You are important. You are vital."

That is the message of the Global frequency. That is the hook that makes your heart beat a little faster in your chest. That is the moment that makes your mind reel with the implications of it all.

In a society where employees are becoming more and more a modular commodity, we don't feel needed anymore. A spate of downsizing or a merger or just an economic downturn means we can lose our jobs. We all have basically the same training straight out of college, and that means we are replacable. We no longer matter to the company as vital components. We can be swapped out for someone younger or better trained but with less experience. Or just someone cheaper.

We live in a world where marriage is modular as well. You can be replaced. In 2000, there were 2,355,005 marriages. In that same year there were 957,200. That means that for every five marriages this year, there was a divorce. The actual divorce-per-marriage rate is closer to 40% or 50% for first-time marriages. You are not needed. You are not the only answer to your spouses crisis. In fact, you might be that crisis. The cultural message is clear: we are not integral in our marriages.

The message that the Global Frequency brings to the viewer is an enchanting and charming one: there is a world out there where you, personally, might matter. Where you stand the chance that one day, you might be the only person on earth capable of doing what needs to be done to save the world. You might again become a necessary component in something bigger than yourself.

The message is one we should encourage in our culture. We should reward companies that make employees a vital part of their business plan. We should encourage and uplift couples who make it through the hard times with their marriages intact. We should remind our children every day to include their fellow man and remember that each human has a special gift or touch for some task or process or method.

We shouldn't need a television show to remind us of something so important, so real, and so primary to our mental health and social well-being. We should strive to keep this mentality alive. We should work to weave communities where each member is cherished for their talents and each person feels needed and loved and cared for, even as they need and love and care for others.

We are humanity. We are needed.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


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