In which Patrick learns something valuable.

I am not in possession of an infinite amount of self-control.

Furthermore, melancholy and grumpy turns really, really ugly when I decide that drinking is a good idea.

Congratulations, Patrick, you've added to a very short list of choices and moments in your life of which you are terrified and ashamed.

Also, I should learn to keep my gorram mouth shut.

That is all.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It is nice to play together.

. . .and sometimes, it's nice to sit at home and know that your primary purpose in life is still to be a character foil for others.

In other news. . .it seems my entire local community of friends who blog have given up the practice. (No, your xanga does not count--I do not care what you're currently listening to or what you had for lunch, tell me what you think.)

Also, stop inviting me to add applications to my facebook, you dumbshits. I joined for the stalker newsreel and the contact information.

Furthermore: for those of you who set up your facebook account so that your information no longer appears in the news reel. . . why the fuck did you join the damn thing in the first place?

Girls who have facebook accounts and bitch about the news reel are the female equivalent of guys who pick their noses at stoplights. It isn't one-way glass, people--and it isn't supposed to be.

So, anyway. . . damn kids. . . get off my lawn. . . zzzz.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Consumer Cliché Field in Effect.

Tickets for two for the Vespertine Rumble and Vespertine Crawl: $61.60

Two gallons of High Octane Amoco Ultimate and four bottled drinks: $9.42

Drinks at AP's in the afternoon and The Hummingbird at night: A Rolling Rock, Sprite, A Blue Moon, An Amaretto Sour, a Strongbow, plus miscellaneous bar tips: $32

Dinner for two at The Rookery: $15.

Albums directly from the hands of Jenny Owen Youngs, Modern Skirts, and Angie Aparo: $32





Monday, August 13, 2007

Beware of Dog.

Big teeth and fierce bark,
do not always indicate,
reluctance to bite.

Friday, August 10, 2007