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strike three.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Famous Blue Raincoat.

Once at the dawn of an age, a boy looked into the first rays of the dawning of the sun with hope and the open eyes of youth. Everything seemed new, and he was unafraid.

Now at the sunset of youth, that boy looks backwards with longing and forwards with trepidation. He has found the limits of his good fortune and lady luck has kissed him each and every time, good and bad alike. He is an outlier--a statistical anomaly to whom the infinitely improbable happens every day.

His world seems spun entirely out of the gossamer impossibilities that never happen to other people. Sometimes these charms are the luckiest blessings of his life, other times they are his worst curses.

He has learned that he will always be different, and with this he has become comfortable.

Now as the gathering night of adulthood coalesces around him like a shadow borne on the wings of demons, he must find a way to make his unique improbabilities something more than an excuse to feel victimized.

Now, years after all outward measures have long been displayed with a seeming effortless assumption that they were always to be, he must become a man within the claustrophobic confines of his own head.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008