Be Ye Educated.

Ars Technica responds to "Digital Rights Management Helps honest Users"

Frankly, this editorial is an overview of something that you, dear reader, should know. If you don't follow the link (and others in the same vein), you're the equivalent of the 18th century US citizen who didn't bother to read Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Your rights are being taken from you and you should know what that means.

And don't talk to me about some "but Music Piracy is illegal!" bullshit either. When our forefathers snuck into a Boston harbor and participated in acts of vandalism and destruction of property to help force a change they did so because the law was wrong, and breaking it was the first step to making a better world. This is no different. The law is wrong.

In other news, there's a format change coming to AiW. I expect it to be in place in about two months. Between now and then don't expect much new material.

Friday, February 10, 2006