The Disney Ride that Coincides

So I've gotten into a new hobby recently, and discovered that in my local area, there are only two other people practicing it. I ran across one of them on a forum and dropped him an e-mail yesterday.

Today I got an e-mail back. "Hey, I know you. You used to date [EKG]" He then went on to talk about the hobby a bit, and comment on how small a world it is.

Indeed, it seems my world has become very small indeed. There 200,000 people in that city, what are the odds that one of TWO practicioners of this particular discipline would know me through her?!

I'll tell you, if we adjust for age range of this hobby (1 in 7) and physical propensity/ability (1 in 3), and you get perhaps 10,000 viable candidates. I met maybe 30 people max (of all ages) through her when we were dating, so that's the odds that 1 of 30 in 200,000 is ALSO 1 of 2 in 10,000.

Or, (2/10,000)*(30/10,000)

or (6/200000000)

Or, to put it in C-3P0's format, "the odds are thirty three million, three hundred thirty three thousand, three hundred and thirty three point three repeating -- TO ONE."

That's just creepy. I really need to move. . .

Saturday, January 21, 2006