Death Cab for Cutie quiets the demons in my head.

Sorting through some mail earlier, I found this quote, from a guy aliased MoonKnife, from a forum I used to participate in, once upon a time.

"You seem to be thinking with a clock, sometimes it just takes a calendar."

I watched Cruel Intentions today and I loved it. I was going to talk about it a bit, but I decided that would be mostly lame emo horseshit, so I deleted it just now.

I'm going to start posting my essay on my family's recent discovery of fire soon. It's mostly written, but I'm going to break it into three or four parts to make it easier to read (it tends to. . . carry on).

Expect the first part sometime this coming week, or tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

But Johnny Cash wakes them up.

Thursday, January 19, 2006