An addition and a correction.

So I realized that something that is already obscure can't "fade into obscurity". It is already there.

And just now, I sat down and wrote this. Consider it a little bit of poetry for the first of the year:

Just this once you thought I was gone,
and for a moment I was a memory.

you were better off back then,
though you'd never know it now
I can still remember when
our only worries were when and how.

I never asked for a lesson in rythm
that came free with the final schism
and every rift is a little more hope
and every favour is a little more rope.

Soon I'll have enough for the final stunt
gasping at the end of a long string of wins
one more success never hurt the runt
who edges one step closer to a litany of sins

Now there's nothing but the steady tick-tock
of that last hated relic of a grandfather clock
that we never loved and we swore we wouldn't keep
but it stands in the hall and tells us not to sleep

Because you really can't change the future
but you know the past is on its way
and you can't see the devil suture
but the stitches are here to stay.

Seventeen sins in a simple cup of paper
three small boys with their minds set on a caper
never thought we'd see the day
when these regrets would show us the way.

You like it? I think I'm going to title it "Fuck off, I'm being emo."

Monday, January 02, 2006