being on my best behaviour is boring.

I didn't seduce anybody.

And only about six people flirted with me (at the usual 2:1 F:M ratio). Qoth the Browncoat: "I must be losing my indefinable allure."

In other news. . . a networking contact of mine from my Uni days is working on scheduling an interview with his supervisor for me and I've filed applications with some other research labs as well. So there is a chance I might be squared away in new digs and a new place of employment soon. Double Rawk.

And in even more unrelated news, I am thinking of becoming a traceur, and if I do, I'll be taking Tim down that dark but addictive path with me.

Tonight I'm going to watch Banlieue 13 and think about it. Careful, it's Boy's-night-in for dad and I (mom's out doing something with photographs and glue) and there will probably be drinking.

Saturday, January 14, 2006