Dammit Redmond. . .

Just 'cause your shit don't work doesn't mean you gotta go around breaking other peoples!

So I installed Linux yesterday morning.

In particular, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Insect? Ibex? Something like that).

It does, of course, continue to kick ass and take names.

I intend for this new computer to be my gaming rig, so I also partitioned (using Ubuntu's oh-so-friendly graphical partioner) a section of space off for a windows XP install. Nobody does games like Microsoft, and I've been dying to play Bioshock since I first heard about it two years ago.

So, after spending the morning dicking around and getting Linux set up and Compiz running (leading to the holy-sh!t visual mapping of my virtual desktop that you will see below) I installed XP.

And of course, XP--in its infinite wisdom--assumes that because there isn't anything else in the empty PARTITION it's formatting, that it should overwrite the MASTER BOOT RECORD for the whole gorram machine.


So then I've got a totally functional Linux install that can no longer boot.

After monkeying around with Super Grub Disk for a few minutes (WTF guys? That's one of the most obfuscated and unhelpful interfaces I've ever touched, and I even tried Frontpage once) I was forced to give up and do a full reinstall of Ubuntu.

But in any case, both systems are up now, with Ubuntu politely installing Grub in the MBR, so now I can dual boot Windows XP and Linux (no thanks to XP!) with minimal effort.

I also decided on a name for the new machine, based on a French name derived from the greek word "Unconquered"

Behold Nikita!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009