You'll win at Home Furnishing!

So now that I have acquired my last item of furniture (a mattress for the new futon frame) I have officially won at home furnishing.

I can currently host 9 overnight guests before I need to start having people sleep on the floor, I have seating for 7 in my living room, a TV room with seating for 4 and enough floor pillows to scale that number to 8 (I keep about 20 pillows of various sizes in the TV/Sun room at all times).

I have a dining room table that seats 6 currently, and can scale to 10 if needed. I have 2 porches, one with patio seating for five and another with seating for 9, six around a table. Now I just need to finish unpacking, put things away in the back bedroom, and get cracking on the middle bedroom (the so called Versailles room), and fix my master bedroom sink, of course.

It's been a busy six weeks, but I love my new home a lot.

Hopefully each of you will get the chance to fall in love with it yourselves soon. Keep an eye out for upcoming parties and events (Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party 25th of October, Quantum of Solace party the 14th of Nov, Christmas meet-and-greet/housewarming/lessons and carols party the 6th of December).

To add context to the title, you should probably see this youtube video. Powerthirst will change your life forever (400 babies will do that to a person).

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Monday, October 20, 2008