I'm voting for Bob Barr after all.

One of those advantages of having a blog that people read simply out of morbid fascination with my latest misadventure, is that I get to tell them things they don't care about.

So, despite the fact that I firmly believe you should all make up your own minds, and vote for the candidate that you feel best aligns with your own political values, I'm going to tell you who I'm voting for.

Bob Barr.

I know I publicly bemoaned his nomination as Libertarian party nod a few weeks ago, but I've done some research and while I don't feel he's the best choice for the party, I do realize he is a better choice than I at first suspected.

In particular, his strong denunciation of the Waco clusterfuck and losses to civil liberties even while serving as a republican shill for the war on drugs gives me hope that he has more principles than I had at first noticed. It gives me the hope that perhaps he really felt the war on drugs was a just thing, until he saw the two decades of failure that followed. I'm not saying he's not a career politician and at least 1/3rd snake--he is--I'm just saying that I feel that the remaining 2/3rds might be vaguely principled human after all. And I'm going to vote with that hope in mind.

To all of you out there in radioland--go vote tomorrow, motherfuckers, or, in the immortal words of Riley Freeman, "I'll piss on yo' cat!"

Monday, November 03, 2008