On Vice and Corruption.

"The young spirit is like a good wine or cheese: without some selective decay, it is very bland." - Mandy, Circa 1998.

I'm sitting on my porch. It is an almost perfect day (overcast and cool).

I have a cup of coffee to my left filled with coffee and liquor. I have a cigarette smoking lightly in the ashtray. One of my firefox tabs is showing Failblog and ICHC. Every once in a while the little indulgences of life should be celebrated, and today I'm celebrating most of the legal ones all at the same time.

David danced before the Lord. It strikes me as gyration with incredible meaning--an immodest explosion of excitement over the blessings of a life made worth living because God is on our side.

I feel like maybe I need another shirt added to the long list of ones I'd like to own.

"My body is a temple. But sometimes the priests go a little wild."

Happy holidays everybody. Party on.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008