Backgrounds at work and play.

So I've been customizing my desktops to optomize my productivity and my enjoyment of the computing experience.

This is valuable at home, because I want to feel like the computer is 'mine', and valuable at work, because a Patrick with eyecandy is a Patrick who is not as easily reminded that he sold out to the soul-sucking, money-wasting, all-forms-in-triplicate MAN.

With that in mind, I've acquired some backgrounds. The image above is my 'home' background. It's pretty, elegant, and simple, it draws your eye to all the right places without distracting when you need to get work done, and it stretches across my new 22" Acer LCD just fine.

At home I can indulge in a way I can't at work. However, work still smiles upon having a desktop with SOME personality, so I ran across an image the other day that suited itself well to my work desktop (two 19 inch monitors turned 'portrait' style side by side). I especially appreciate the Carrier in the background. It makes a nice finishing touch.

Note: I stumbled across that first image along with dozens of others, a couple of weeks ago during a search around the internet, and I've forgotten which background site it came from. If that is your image, and you'd like me to link to your web presence, I'd love to do so. If, on the other hand, you'd like the link removed altogether, I'll do that too, but sadly.

The second image came from the wikimedia commons, and is in the public domain.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009