All is forgiven, and I'm a dork.

As the regulars know, I have a love-hate relationship with Apple.

When I reformatted Lorelei, I decided to drop by the QuickTime website and get the new version of QuickTime since I was sure they'd released a new version since last I installed it.

I was horrified to find when I reached their download page that they were foisting copies of iTunes on every person who downloaded QuickTime 7, and I instead went and downloaded the excellent QuickTime Alternative as a plugin for a player I already had, the nearly flawless Media Player Classic.

I was so disappointed because I have always held QuickTime is especially high regard as a portion of the Apple product lineup. It's an excellent player with a simple, clean feature set, almost flawless streaming capabilities and a bulletproof browser plugin. In short, I love QuickTime.

Whenever these sorts of "bundled" deals are pushed in my lap I revolt. Mainly because I hear "Hi there, would you like a heaping helping of DRM and a steaming pile of Hipster bullshit along with your media player? I think you would!" in this particular case.

I have refused to install any official RealMedia product for years for the same basic reason. However, it has come to my attention today that I was in the wrong about QuickTime. It is still possible to download the standalone QuickTime player.

I would say this warms the cockles of my heart, but frankly that word cockles has always kindof freaked me out.

By the way: the QuickTime Alternative plugin for MPC is still handy for one thing: it allows you to play .qt and .mov files in fullscreen mode, so you might want to just bite the bullet and install both so you have the option.

Friday, September 16, 2005