A Partial List

This list has been sitting around, written, since May. But since I'm kindof busy today and don't feel like writing anything original. . .you get to read it.

Things I would like to do before I die.


* North America:
        o Explore the Alaskan Islands.
        o See Nova Scotia.

* South America and Caribbean:
        o Go back to St. Martin.
        o See Peru and Macchu Picchu.

* Europe:
        o Prague, To Budapest, To Istambul.
        o The Orient Express.
        o Scotland - to breath the air.

* Africa:
        o Morroco. Casablanca especially.
        o A Photo-Safari in South Africa.
        o Egypt. The Pyramids, but mainly the cities and the statues.
        o Just once, maybe, if my life becomes worth less than the paper it's printed on, I'll set out to travel through the war-torn heart of Africa. To see what adventures I would find there.

* Asia:
        o Yes.

* Australia and NZ:
        o Explore New Zealand.
        o Visit some old aquaintances.

        o Be Proven wrong.

"Extreme" and Sports:
        o Take another shot at Rollerblades.
        o Get back into Soccer.
        o Buy a pistol and make it my brother.
        o Stop the bleeding. (ok, that's a joke).
        o Take a Tactical Combat Pistolcraft course.

        o See a shuttle launch (or whatever passes for one by the time I get around to it).
        o Experience weightlessness for more than 30 consecutive seconds.
        o Be so distracted while driving that I have to stop, and sit out on the hood of my car in the freezing weather and watch the Northern Lights in Awe.
        o Go and visit the Burning Man.
        o And stay clean while there.
        o Bring $2,500 to Vegas, and play a couple of proper games of Blackjack.
        o Be able to use the Fight Club Quote in answer to "Is that your blood?" :"Some of it. Yeah.".

        o Get published professionally for my research.
        o Get published for my fiction (guess that means I gotta start writing it down, huh?).
        o Build another robot that makes somebody go "Awwww!" like they've just met a puppy.
        o Build a robot that makes people go "yikes."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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