And that means it's linkin' time.

Today's time waster: Cats in Sinks.

Way more entertaining to me than HotorNot ever was, go lose ten minutes of your life to the fascinating phenomena--cats in sinks! If you're a true fan of adorable cats, feel free to follow the "Kittenwar" link from that page. You'll be kissing goodbye to another half hour of your existence, but since it's likely meaningless anyway, you probably won't miss it.

If you're here looking for intellectual stimulation this morning, you are also in luck. There's a couple of articles I ran across today that are worth mentioning.

One is from the fellows who write Bad Science. It was published in the Guardian on Thursday.

It's called Don't dumb me down. It's a pretty scathing critique of how the media reports on science. It's a bit of a read, but well worth it if you're academically minded.

The other stimulating article discusses stimulation of a different sort--the titillating sort. It's a piece from Heroine Sheik called I Play for the Articles. It's about the author's reaction to the news that Playboy magazine is running another pictorial of the women of video games. By which they mean CGI video game characters--sans clothes.

And today's tool is the Gmail Notifier. A handy little extension of the Gmail accounts system, this one sits quietly in your system tray and lets you know when new mail is ready for you.

It gets a couple of demerits for bad programming practices. The first is that it doesn't use the startup folder to launch itself, which means that rooting it out after an install would be a hassle.

The second is that it doesn't link itself to a single account on a multiple account XP machine. Which means that Gmail notifier now launches when it should not in my Gamer and Visitor accounts.

All in all, a handy program, but with a couple of serious flaws that come from poor design. Hopefully Google will wise up and fix these in future versions.

Sunday, September 11, 2005