Yay for Pain!

I'm a little delirious today.

I don't tend to take a lot of painkillers. This is because most kinds of pain don't phase me much at all. As a result when I have persistent eye-watering pain, I tend to ignore it until it is far past time to take a couple Motrin. This means that there is a window during which I'm a bit loopy. I think that it is because I actually devote part of my mental process to pain supression once it reaches a certain strength and this means that I'm not firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

Right now one of my lower wisedom teeth is trying to make its new home in my jaw, and my jaw's gums have decided to lodge a formal complaint with my entire head. The general consensus among my lower gums is that they have been living there for years, and no natural disaster, no matter how appropriate to my development, is going to motivate them to recede and make way for a new tooth.

I think they figured that since my other adult teeth all stopped arriving a decade ago, their work was done and they are allowed to be complacent in their old age and retirement. These last two newcomers have offended them severely. I've tried reasoning with them ("Look at the top gums. They accepted the other two wisedom teeth just fine!") but recently union talks broke off after they demanded that during the process I give up on chewing with the entire left side of my mouth, to which I said: "hell with you, you'll be crushed if I say so!" and have continued eating normally.

So now we're in a sort of mexican stand off. Me trying to put off eating breakfast and them trying to convince my tooth that it really doesn't want to erupt at all ("stay down, b!tch!" I can almost hear the little gums shrieking).

The sad thing is, my jaw is being a model citizen. As far as I can tell by feel, it has more than enough space for these last two teeth. There is no pain anywhere in my jawline or elsewhere in my mouth resulting from teeth moving or having pressure on them, the only part of my mouth that is complaining is the gums above the wisedom teeth themselves.

[sigh]. Time to go have breakfast and try to bully them into submission, I guess.

Wish me luck.

Friday, September 09, 2005