USB Keys Start Moving.

Please pardon the pun.

I'll be telling different stories tomorrow, about more personal events, like how to take the high road when you hit a parked Buick Le Sabre, and my adventures in appliance liberation (I kindof stole a dishwasher).

But for today, I have more future-news. Some of you probably remember me writing an entry about USB and file sharing.

In it I mentioned a presentation I gave a few years ago at my university on the future of USB flash drives. I implied that one day they might be used as digital keys, literally allowing you to start your car or open your front door with an encrypted file.

Well, it seems I wasn't the only one thinking ahead.

I just learned from this entry on Everything USB that Mazda has just introduced a new concept vehicle, the SASSOU.

The most exciting feature for me personally? The USB key ignition and door lock system. Hooray for a whole new way of thinking about locks, electronic and traditional.

Sometimes I think my blog's motto should be:

"The future is coming. You might want to duck."

Wednesday, August 31, 2005