Making a Splash

The idea of recursive blogging (writing about blogging, in my blog), sounds silly.

But that's what today's post will be about.

As my longtime readers know, I run a couple of site statistics trackers: Sitemeter and Statcounter.

I installed them out of curiosity, and must now shamefacedly admit that I am a visit whore, and dry spells on the visit report make the baby Jeebus cry.

Judging by my daily websurfing habits, I care more about the numbers on the Sitemeter summary page than I do about the fallout from apartheid or the plight of starving children. I think the reason is that I care about them is that I see my visit numbers as a reflection on my abilities as a writer. The theory is that the better my writing gets, the more people should visit. This is despite the fact that I regularly remind others that:

A) Most people are idiots


B) some of my favorite entertainments and news sources are virtually unknown.

Yet still I continue to hope that my website will gain more readers and if it doesn't I feel that I must not be improving enough. Go figure.

So, to spurn a little development in this area, I'm making a few changes. Expect to see a change in layout (and possibly color scheme) sometime next week. For now, the major change you'll note is that I'm allowing the last 7 entries to appear on the main page. When I install the full-fledged new layout, I might also open up commentary on a post or two, so that I can get some feedback on what people prefer.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a video link over at Overcaffeinated today, and it becomes the kickass link of the day: What if the grim reaper had a Nemesis, and his name was Spin(fl)? This one is well worth the wait.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


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