And now, more news of the weird.

I am going to Louisville. I am going because a group of us from the forums over at Martialarts.about.com have made a tradition of getting together to exchange fresh ideas and concepts and meet one another. It strengthens the communication on the forum, seperates the posers from the pros, and is generally just a fun, honest, enjoyable time.

There will be about 18 hours of driving involved for me, which will be a bit tiring. But I'm taking a lot of books on tape for the interstate portions (IE: most of the trip) so it should make the time pass more quickly.

I'm starting to find promising prospects for a job, I go back for a round of interviews on Monday/Tuesday of next week. Hopefully something will come of one or both of those. We'll see.

I'd really like the bartending position, because of the experience and plus that's just what I enjoy doing.

Plus, I have animals to take care of next week! A Dog, a Cat, and two fish. They're all sweet animals, and it should be fun to take care of them. I'm house-sitting there for 10 days, which should be a fun break from whats going on around here. Plus it means that if I start a job within the next week, I'll be able to commute there easily for the first few days, which would be a real blessing.

In any case, there's a bunch of news about my life. Not what you came for, I know, but I can only be dreary and psychotic so many times a week.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


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