Tonight was about restraint.

I went to the birthday bash around 9PM, and there was homemade ice cream.

And I didn't have any. Because I'd already had dessert at 6 when I had dinner, and I didn't need to have any more ice cream. It would be bad for me. It would be an indulgence and lose its meaning if not treated with some respect and patience.

I realize that sounds a little excessive for ice cream, but in my defence I try and live all of my life to its fullest realization, and so if I approach food the same way I approach love or art or beauty its because I see love and passion and beauty and art in food.

In any case, I kept myself from having any ice cream. I had a single dorito chip instead, and a little tiny fragment of And├ęs mint. (sigh) O succulent mint of heaven, how I wanted more of your tasty tiny pieces.

But no! I resisted.

Perhaps I'm praticing?

Saturday, March 27, 2004


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