New York notes VI

Last Notes from New York.

[Wednesday night was a devotion I gave the group in Grand Central Station. Not the one I had planned on, but God did good stuff with it, in spite of my pompousness. It was cool.]


Zigmund [spoke this morning at devotion].

[He talked about varieties of gifts and other cool stuff that we had talked about some the night before. It was awesome though, because I know the night before he had told me he was really prepared at all, but that morning he gave a devotional that he owned. It was his, and you could tell.]

"Its easy to be seduced by lights and towers.

These forced smiles and mandatory "good mornings" have all been flashing lights and blinking towers to mask my own inadequacy."
- Zig.

[Good stuff, man. Good stuff.]

Friday, March 26, 2004


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