New York notes V


"Stop, traffic!

Aah! I'm waiting and traffic stops and I've got an asian head in the way!"

- [A friend] and the Naked Truck.

[Ed note: I just stumbled across the coolest thing.]

I wrote down the name of the building that we distributed Magazines in front of on Wednesday morning. It was Levas Politopulos and was engraved in the facing at the top. I thought it might mean something interesting, so I took note of it. I just went to look it up, and didn't find a translation, but I did find a reference to the building at this website.

It's a table based map of 34th street, and there is our corner, right there. We stood at the corner of 9th Ave and W 34th in front of Levas Politopulos and said good morning to people and distributed magazines.

Oh, and hey, if you're ever in that part of Manhattan in the morning, drop by The Best of the West Deli downstairs in that building. It's great food, short-order style, and at a great price.

Friday, March 26, 2004


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