Wake Up!

As those of you who follow along at home know, I have been sick all week with some tonsil-related malady that has made me grumpy, tired, unable to swallow without pain, inadventently prone to aquire pie, etc.

I awoke this morning feeling considerably refreshed on all fronts. On inspection my tonsils only look a tiny bit better, but they feel much better when I swallow. In addition, I took my temperature this morning and it was 97.8. Apparently my body is trying to apologize for all that time spent at 100+.

So I sprang out of bed and got breakfast together! Doesn't it just look swell?

For you New York Veterans (and those who know us) the scary looking substance on the cereal is Naked:Rainforest Acai! Yes, you can get Naked in Macon--even while you're sick. And for those of you who hate pills--try not to think about swallowing that many when your tonsils are still almost the size of ping-pong balls--it sucks.

Hope you all are having as good a Sunday as I am. Unfortunately I've got a week's metric-shitload of work to do (that's 2.2 Imperial Shitloads!), so I think the rest of my Sunday is going to be pretty full.

But I hope to be done by early evening. Who is up for some Firefly?

P.s. That top image is the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning, no lie. I woke up by making the superhero flying gesture. I think that's a good sign.

Convalescing boy--Away!

p.s. I just did some research into Naked Juice, because, um. . .Google. And anyway, it turns out that apparently if you were in one of those really crazy Fraternities where people were encouraged to streak, leer at or moon women, or pee off the side of cruise ships, and you thought it was awesome and wish these days were those days--maybe you should turn in an application!

Sunday, October 21, 2007