An Army Wife's Life

I think there are few acts of love more challenging than marrying an army officer. My Grandfather was career military, and they are difficult to live with and difficult to live without.

The challenge is that the wife of an officer doesn't just marry him, she marries the Army--with all its blessings and faults, all its joys (base life is still often like a throwback to 1950's mid-America, with safe streets and beautiful parks) and all its quiet agonies ("what's that? You're enjoying life in Georgia? Too bad! Say hello to Germany!").

So I must say I am very proud of a dear friend of mine for choosing to marry the love of her life, knowing full well that she was signing up for a harder road than most women ever dream of when they say "I do." Mal is a fierce friend, a talented writer, a gifted interior decorator, a skilled cook and a brilliant photographer. In short, Mac is a very lucky man--she's a woman of substance and character, she's 1600 miles away, with him, and I miss her.

I'm not alone--my friends miss her too. We sent them with as much love and joy as we could pack into twenty CDs and a myriad of stories, memories, and smiles, but we still miss them. Thankfully Mal updates her blog. It is currently titled "An Army Wife's Life: trying to stay sane while adjusting" but I like its longer standing title--a title which I'm sure will be returned to, as life settles down and time rolls on--A Life of Blessings.

May your life be blessed with love, devotion, and adventure--as Mal's life is blessed--and may you enjoy reading her writing as much as I do.

(and Mal--if you're reading this, you might have found this already, but I just ran across this link to "Army Wife Talk Radio" and it actually sounds kindof cool. I hope you're doing well, and I hope you pick up the phone in about 90 seconds.)

Monday, October 29, 2007