"On the Road Again"

Well, not more than 9 days have passed since my employment ended and I'm already off traveling again. This time it's 4 days in Georgia, 1 day in Tennessee, 4 days in Missourri and 2 more days in Tennessee. Perhaps I should start updating The Road again?

In the process I'll be visiting an old flame, helping a brother move, tending a bar for a small office party, attending a dinner party (for which I have baked something scrumptious) enjoying some holiday celebrations in my sister's new home, and seeing grandparents that I haven't seen in a long time. It will be a very busy 11 days.

I will be taking several books with me, as well as a laptop and some notepaper. Perhaps I'll get some writing done. In any case, I'll be back 7 days before Christmas.

Then it's one week of festivities, and then a week of blessed quiet, while my parents tour Switzerland and I undertake the job hunt in earnest. Though most of the places that I'll be contacting will be shut down that week, it will give me time to collect prospects, polish my resume, and brush up on some other needed skills. I am not worried, I figure on having a job by the end of January, and this time, it won't be for chump-change.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


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