I got fired!

And I couldn't be happier!

To cut a long story short, I'm overjoyed because today I was terminated as a result of a personal correspondence about company possibilities to a fellow employee. Yup, my boss rifled through my coworker's personal e-mail and decided based on an e-mail I sent to my coworker to fire us both. I think he might fire the third employee as well (yes, he only has three employees).

I'm thinking of writing a new song that came to me as I was driving home, with the lightest heart I've had since the day I started working there (the tempo is extremely fast):

"I try to kill rats in a shinking ship,
but all I manage is one more chip
off a hull already damaged by the storm/

Never mind the gail and the wind outside,
these rats bastards had better die
I'll ignore the fact their running for the door/

Another hole in the floor won't matter much
I'll show these rats that I won't budge
They're only running because they know I'll win!/

I've never seen rats quite like these,
they patch the holes then beg and plead
to help me, but I'll show 'em I'm Captain!/

Try to kill rats in a shinking ship,
the craft shudders and starts to dip
beneath the waves, perhaps this time I'm wrong?

Never mind the water up to my neck
I'm captain still and don't mind the wet,
someday They'll say I was right all along!

gurgle gurgle.

So, do you think the Nashville Songwriter's Association will give me an award?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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