"Now does that seem right to you?"

I just watched the last episode in the Firefly season.

This is my second full run-through of the series, and I picked up a great deal that I didn't the first time around.

I checked the statistics tonight, and found out that Serenity has grossed just over 25 million dollars to date, and will probably be completely out of theaters by next week or the one following. It cost about 39 million to make. Typically a studio earns about 55% of gross, so Universal is soaking up a 25 million dollar hit on Serenity right now. It is a pity, because this is some of the smartest Sci-Fi that we've had available to us in three decades, and we are kindof letting it die.

Unless the movie breaks records in DVD wide release, I think this might spell the end for our beloved Firefly. Now, I fully intend to purchase the DVD, and I hope that all you other loyal fans plan the same. Perhaps if it recoups enough they'll float it as a miniseries for the Sci-Fi channel or something. We can only hope.

It looks like our girl might not be crawling much more. Might be comin' nigh on time to carry her.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


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