I think the hard part's over.

Today it felt as if the hurdle had been leapt. The rubicon crossed. The turning point was seen, marked, considered, and passed. The past life I could have led, of irresponsibility and dreamlike freedom is diminishing in my rearview mirror like an on-ramp to an interstate untaken.

My way is clearer now. This path more well defined, is perhaps less traveled. I can feel it in my feet and hands, that I am moving as I should. My universe is congealing, and that is as it must be.

In the long run, will the lessons, habits, and addictions of the past 18 months remain, or will they fade as my new life becomes more defined?

I do not know. Nor can I hope to predict an answer to that which does justice to the fierceness with which I have lived the past 18 months, or the passion with which I am taking up my new life.

We shall see. That much I can promise you. We shall see.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


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