Arrival is always a Letdown.

Arrival is always a quirky experience, complete with both rewarding and difficult moments.

There are times when you want to scream "This wasn't supposed to happen!" and other times when you want to grin and say "wow, that's so much better than I was expecting."

If you don't count dormitory rooms, this will the second apartment I've lived in, but I subleased the other one, in Gainesville, from a fellow who was away for the summer. This time the place is well-and-truly mine, ground up.

The condo in question needs work. It's a renovation in progress. Of course I've lived in a renovation in progress for the majority of the past 18 years of my life so this is hardly a new experience to me. In fact I'm uniquely gifted by my parents' ongoing quest to renovate their home because it gives me a background of knowledge from which I can work to do the things I want to do here. Flooring, electrical work, and basic detail and cabinetry are all in need of little improvements or changes, and I am already familiar with most of those methods. Over the coming months, I'll be putting that familiarity to good use.

But for now, I've got real work to do. Time to go get my hands dirty.

update: Have you guys seen today's Zits?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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