Time for Moving On.

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I got a job today. I started thinking about it over a month back. My vocation was calling to me. I'm 'wired up' for this work, and I'm passionate about it.

I started turning my 'looking' into 'trying' about a week ago, and started with a tiny startup in my field. After an interview series this past week, I was offered a position starting next week, so I'm packing over the weekend and I move next Monday.

Some of you probably remember this post, from last September.

I managed to let the travel bug bite me and survive it, I found my comfort zone in relationships, and I picked up a hobby I enjoy. The profession feels like one of the final pieces in a puzzle that seems to be falling together almost on its own.

And now I'm leaving for a new life. I'd like to say that nothing will change and I'll still blog every day with just as much direction and open-ness into my life as there has always been here. . .but that just isn't true.

I have no interest in getting Dooced and that means I intend to maintain a strict "no work discussion online" policy. No names of coworkers, no amusing research related anecdotes. Not even any mentions of the company name or location.

I will attempt to continue to post here but in time I think I will decrease to probably thrice-a-week instead of daily updates. My life will be much busier for the forseeable future, and that's just the way I want it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


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