Yesterday was different.

I got the first quasi-professional edit of a short story of mine completed, so either tonight or tomorrow I'll rework the manuscript and then I guess I'll start looking for a publisher.

And last night was unique. I'm went and hung out with Hipster, EKG, and company. After a very cool blues concert (Willie King) we moved the party on board Serenity.

Which was. . . well, Serenity. If you're a browncoat, go see it and enjoy yourself. If you've already seen it once, see it again. It can't hurt. If you're not a browncoat yet, then become a browncoat first, then go see it.

My Baby and I also got to indulge in a little bit of incredibly irresponsible behaviour on the way from EKG's place to the movie. We played traffic show-off games with EKG's friend driving his Z4 convertible. So that was fun. I had the advantage (just barely) in manueverability and size, and he had a ridiculous advantage in speed and acceleration.

Oh yeah, and earlier that night, on my way into town, I let my mind wander and nearly died. So that was fun. Accidentally taking T-intersections on steep hills, at 50+ mph is. . .unwise. Amazingly, my baby executes a remarkably graceful near-right-angle turn at those speeds. There must be a patron saint who watches over idiots like me.

And if you're looking for a funny, sharp daily-update comic about life as a librarian. . . try Unshelved. No idea why you'd be looking for such an item, but there ya go.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


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