A Symbiotic (Public Relations)hip.

Check out this fascinating article about Ron Jeremy and Micheal Leahy debating at LSU.

I've heard a lot about Ron Jeremy over the years. I even saw the documentary about him that came out a few years back.

He seems like a nice guy, and an honest one. I've always admired honesty--especially in contexts where it is especially rare. The quotes and excerpt from the debate are quite funny.

It's the end of the article that I really found interesting though.

[Leahy] described his friendship with Jeremy that developed after the pair began touring American Universities a year ago. They talk on the phone, hang out in Jacuzzis and share their personal struggles.

These two men couldn't come from further ends of the spectrum. One is a porn star with over 900 films on his record, and the other is a born again, 8 year virgin and ex-pornography addict. Heck, back in his addicted days there is a high likelyhood that Leahy probably watched Ron in action.

And now these two men tour universities presenting a reasonable, polite discourse on both sides of the pornography debate in a healthy, academically respected setting. With a little humour and scandal thrown in for laughs.

I think that is a very encouraging sign for our future as a society.

And no, you pervs don't get a picture. Shoo.

Friday, September 30, 2005


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