The whirr of a projector cannot be replaced.

For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about a few movies that are coming up.

I should note that the availability of movies in my hometown suck, so in many cases I'm only getting to see the following film because of the tiny one screen Capri theater in Old Cloverdale which brings in the good movies that the rest of the theaters in town don't think will make money.

First, I get to see Broken Flowers this weekend, which is exciting. It looks promising and I really liked Lost in Translation so I'm expecting good things.

Second, in mid October I'll get to see both 2046 and Everything is Illuminated.

2046 looks incredible, and especially as an aspiring writer of science fiction it has me hooked.

And as a collector of digital memories, I identify fiercely with Elijah Wood's character portrayed in the previews for Everything is Illuminated. I hope that it is half as good as the trailer implies.

And lastly, I'm not even sure if this one will make it to Montgomery, but if it does, I want to see it. Steve Martin's Novella has been turned into a movie: ShopGirl.

I've admired Claire Danes ever since Romeo + Juliet (anyone who could star opposite Leonardo Di Caprio at that age and make him seem like a legitimate actor has a rare gift), so it will be nice to see her taking on such a major role.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


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