Links and RIAA scares.

First: some news from the "consumers have rights?" campaign of the RIAA.

If you still think the RIAA is just 'protecting its assets' have a look at this article from EconoCulture. It's a long read, but the picture it paints of RIAA raids is chilling.

And for an encouraging look at what might be a brighter future, know that consumers are striking back. If you know anyone who has been targetted by the RIAA, encourage them to contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation as soon as they can. They're an organization dedicated to maintaining our freedoms in the information age, and they can help.

And last: a link to the excellent web comic PartiallyClips. These people are hysterical. If you're looking for excellent anti-climax humour, this is the place to find it. Each comic is typically three panels of clipart with words added, but the dialogue so often reveals something brilliant about a simple illustration that it more than makes up for the static imagery.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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