Introspection on a Monday

Last night I went through some of my own archives and ran across some of my musings from the past twenty months. It got me to thinking about maturation, learning, and the fact that my writing (while improving steadily in readability and technical competence) has become less vibrant. I think that perhaps it has also become less yearning, less heartfelt, and less passionate.

I'm rather torn about that. I thought last night about writing an impassioned and pell-mell entry on how lives change, people learn and grow, and everyone has to adapt. Then I remembered that today was Monday and it is a link day, so I'm posting some links instead.

From the "scariest thing you'll read today" department: an article on RFID chips. If you have any shred of interest in personal privacy, this one will keep you up at night.

In addition to that, you get two comic strips from Unshelved.

Here is the first, which struck a resonant cord with my "Why I choose freedom" article from August.

The second is just hilarious, especially if you've been through the unshelved archives and know that Dewey has been avoiding even speaking to Cathy for months.

Monday, October 10, 2005


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