Pride and Prejudice

I saw the movie just this evening, and I have very little to say about the entire affair. Keira Knightley could hold my attention while sneezing, or enduring a cold and a hangover simultaneously, so attempting to wax philosophical about her acting ability (which is prodigious) or good looks (which are stunning) would be rather pointless as I am unapologetically biased.

I will say this though, about the scope and feel of the film:

The film portrays a deep and abiding love for the England of days past--for its nature, its people, its light, its architecture, and its customs, hopes, dreams, and even its inhibitions. If Jane Austen conveyed that same love in the written word with only one half the ferocity and one quarter the eloquence of the film, it is a book worth reading, and I need to procure it post-haste.

Monday, December 05, 2005


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