So, between early this year and October I tried to update daily, (except Sundays) with the notable exception of my trip to europe, when I kept a different blog entirely.

So the question on everyone's fingertips must surely (note sarcasm) be "Will Patrick return to daily updates now that he's not gainfully employed?"

The answer is no. I am now in the mood to be productive. My state of lethargy passed near the end of this summer and though the cold weather is coming on, my hibernation is at an end. I will be making an effort to be busified (either by charity work, school, or a new job) post-haste.

I will, however, be returning to this place primarily to write occasional personal items and more often to hone my writing abilities. In fact, you can expect to see longer, more structured posts (editorials, humour columns, etc.) but probably only once a week at best, and fewer short "woe is me, how my life doth suck! Woe!" entries for the near future.

This will allow me to focus my attention in other things, including some traveling with family and some personal interests of mine (like that hot blonde that stopped calling when I moved to Georgia, rowr).

- Patrick

Thursday, December 01, 2005


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