Link Day Lundi.

I have decided to make each Monday here at AiW a 'link day'. I realized that I accumulate more links to use than I have posts in which to use them, and so Monday has become link day.

You will recieve no less than three links. One to a service, one to an article, one to a time-filler.

For example, the time filler may be a blog, a game, or a comic strip.

The service might be a download, a storage system, or a scheduler.

The article might be a blog post about cats, or a wired article about the future of fiber optics in the next decade.

You might receive more links than three (for example, a product link as well), but three is the minimum.

Oh, why Monday? Because in French, Monday is Lundi, and Lundi starts with an L. For me, alliteriation's awfully appealing.

The time filler of the week is Fifty Word Fiction. Addictive little snippets for anyone with an overactive imagination.

The service of the week is Hello. Which is really two services. One is meat of the program: the instant image transfer and discussion client. It allows you to chat with a person while trading pictures with them, either out of a collection of your own photographs or any other jpeg image. Very handy when you want to share a visual part of your life with someone and speak to them at the same time.

The second part of the service is "bloggerbot". If you use the blogger system, blogger bot will take any image, resize it to a standard size (640x480, 800x600, etc.), build a thumbnail, and upload the thumbnail and the resized image to the free hello servers. It then automatically generates all the HTML text and adds an entry to your blog with the thumbnail clickably linked to the resized image. Very handy. I use it for all the images you've seen here.

The article of the week is me geeking about about Wine and Science. It seems some scientist from the University of California at Davis and a New Jersey Real Estate developer have developed a $50,000 MRI for Wine that can determine whether or not the bottle has 'turned' (become sour tasting) as it aged.

And a product, because it's cool. 1,082 books from, bundled together. The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection. You can even browse the list by author, or title.

Monday, June 27, 2005


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