A little pre-father's-day news.

Hey everybody. All four of you are probably wondering about the 'newsy' posts I used to do and where they went. In general I've been cutting back on them in favour of more abstract content, but here are some random snippets:

I got my motorcycle's instrument panel light fixed, so I can see how fast I'm going after sunset again. This is a good thing. I also tightened the chain (overmuch, grr, gotta fix that now) and found out how to replace the tachometer cable, which I'll be doing soon.

I finally saw In Good Company. I'll post a full write-up of my impressions on Monday, but since I'm posting a bit about father's day tomorrow I don't want it to overshadow that so it's being delayed, even though the first draft has been written. Sorry.

And my co-author from The Road, 80 (alias Adrienne) is starting a photoblog, called Through the Camera Lens. It's going to be incredible. Check it out. Make it one of your daily visits, so that she is encouraged to update daily. Maybe if we're really encouraging she'll keep posting most of the pictures at near-desktop-quality.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


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