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Ok, so to prove my status as a media monkey. . .

My "Media" Folder is subdivided into three primary sections: Audio, Images, and Video.

The Audio folder contains music, albums, and some radio dramas. It contains 19.8 gigabytes of data in 4,207 files.

The Video folder contains music videos, martial arts demonstrations, kung fu fights, small studio projects, major (and minor) fan films and even a couple of full length movies. It contains 22.6 gigabytes in 1,284 files.

And the images folder contains personal photography, an art collection, a collection of comics, forum combat images, photoshopped hilarity, and various other items of personal relevance. 557 megabytes in 2,354 files.

So yes, I am a media monkey, and it gets worse every day: I have four large video clips and another 350+ music files in my 'incoming' folder that have not yet been sorted to their new homes in my collection.

I'm a little obsessive about my sorting system. My music, for example, is sorted by genre, subgenre (if applicable) and artist (if I have more than 3 or 4 songs by that artist). This means there are 284 folders containing and organizing Audio alone. Similar sorting schemes exist for video (118 folders) and images (134 folders).

I've got a slight problem, I guess you could say.

Monday, June 13, 2005


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