It has been too long.

I've been out of the online-public forums for a while. I haven't touched a forum or other discussion medium in almost a year, preferring to post recollections and read the writings of others without commentary.

However, in order to comment from time to time on a few friend's Xanga accounts, I recently created a Xanga account of my own (I'm the robot, and the site itself is named and title with Casablanca references). Now, less than 48 hours after I created this account, I find myself in a minor tizz with a fellow named Dan. The tizz concerns this entry about the Tsunami and the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

In short, I was a bit critical of the writing and methods. He then left a comment for me describing my words as "strident beyond need" and called the ghost-account "a bit "in your face"."

Now, the "in your face" comment probably is a reaction to the headline for the Xanga account. It's a quote from the character Ugarte in the movie Casablanca. He's talking to Rick, Humphrey Bogart's character, at the time. He tells Rick that "just because you despise me, you're the only one I trust." I used this as my headline because I love the line and the dual-sentiment it can express. The character's desperate need to trust someone, and his knowledge that his own character is so flawed that he should only trust those who think him worthless.

It would appear that the quote was mis-interpreted by our good friend Dan, and so it has begun. Sadly I note that the tizz has begun not with a direct and polite refutation of my commentary but rather through the targeting of my character and style. Too bad really. I've posted one half of my second response on the entry comments linked above. I've offered to take the other half of the conversation to e-mail because there are two different issues at work here and I'd like for Dan to have a chance to remain as dignified as possible throughout what could become a very messy discussion if it occurs in a public medium like the Xanga comments system.

It should be interesting. I had no intention of creating any discord with this account, but I should have realized it would be inevitable. Ah well. This is the way life goes on the internet.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


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